Polymer Synthesis and Processing in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide


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The work in our group is centered in the development of new polimeric materials with higher performance. We produce materials for defined applications always regarding product safety, and putting special efforts on the development of more environmentally benign technologies. In the field of composites it is crucial to achieve perfect mixing and the surface design migth be a key factor. Therefore, supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) technology has an important role to improve the processing techniques.


Polymer synthesis and processing undergoing works envisage:

1.  Replacement of organic solvents by supercritical fluids.

2. Development of innovative synthetic strategies and new chemical reactions, particulary in scCO2.

3. Use of CO2 as a building blocks for synthesis (also CO2 capture).

4. Development of polymer nanostructures used as nanoreactors.

5. Combination of naturally occuring and synthetic polymers into composites with a rich variety of complex structural and dynamic behaviour. Examples include the design of new multicomponent materials and network polymers with materials such as chitosan and other in-situ synthesised polymers.


As long term research priorities we aim the crucial development of base sciences and fundamental research on phase behaviour and microscopic characterisation of target systems in scCO2 and other alternative solvents.


Supercritical's research group. From left to right: Vanessa Correia, Vasco Bonifacio, Rita Restani, Eunice Costa, Raquel Viveiros, Ana Aguiar-Ricardo, Teresa Casimiro, Mara Silva, Margarida Coelho and Telma Barroso.



We are located at Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Campus de Caparica, on the other side of the river Tagus. Coming from Lisbon, the campus can be reached by car or by public transportation:


option 1:

Boat from Cais do Sodré to Cacilhas (12 min.) and South subway from Cacilhas to Universidade (19 min.)


option 2:

Train from Entrecampos to Pragal (14 min.) and South subway from Pragal to Universidade (5 min.)


Note: Cais do Sodré (green line) and Entrecampos (yellow line) are Lisbon subway stations.




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